Yandere Killua Zoldyck X Reader

Yandere Killua Zoldyck X Reader. Swear (yandere killua x reader) the zoldyck family, the most terrifying in the world, a family full of assassins, make sure to never be a target of them or to have work for them. Hunter x hunter , god eater (anime) , god eater (video games) teen and up audiences

Yandere!Killua x Reader [You Better be Mine]♡ Hunter
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What a wonderful young man. Browse through and read killua leorio fanfiction stories and books. (yandere!killua x reader) ***completed*** ===== warning:

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The owner of the gold eyes longed to find a child who would forever stay with amazement in them, thus far none of the children he has ever seen have come close to what he's looking for. I might just be the worst perso. Gon x reader x yandere!

Hunter X Hunter , God Eater (Anime) , God Eater (Video Games) Teen And Up Audiences

But life isn't always nice, when you were a little kid, one of the zoldycks killed your whole family, because they were deeply indepted. A menacing aura emanated from his muscular build, and a deadly smirk tugged his lips. Gold eyes scanned the audience of mainly children and their parents.

Killua Woke Up In What He Thought Was A Village.

#2 illumi zoldyck ~ kikyo zoldyck ~ silva zoldyck ~ hunterxhunter ~ hunter x hunter ~ hxh ~ zoldyck family ~ anime ~ funny anime. I am (your dad's full name), head of the (l/ n) company. Yandere alphabet y 14th december 2020, 17:22 110 notes #hxh #hxh x reader #hxh x you #hxh x y/n #hunter x hunter #hunter x hunter x reader #hunter x hunter chrollo #kurapika hunter x hunter #killua #killua x reader #illumi #illumi x reader #machi x reader #chrollo lucifer #chrollo lucilfer #chrollo lucilfer x reader #chrollo x reader

Browse Through And Read Killua Leorio Fanfiction Stories And Books.

Foreign lands (bc x hxh) by noodles. (yandere!killua x reader) ***completed*** ===== warning: He won't stop until he has you all to himself.

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Killua Asked You If You Already Know Everything About Gon And Of Course You Said Yes.

I'm 13, nearly 14, so i am legally allowed to be here, don't. Killua zoldyck has been friends with benefits with his best friend, gon freecs for years. Anime/manga fanfiction romance gon killua kurapika leorio yandere hisoka zoldyck hunter x hunter illumi x reader alluka kurta school au freeces august 3, 2019 · 48 pages i like you [1/3]