Why Did The Phantom Troupe Kill The Kurta

Why Did The Phantom Troupe Kill The Kurta. Did kurapika get his eyes back? Killua killed innocents because he was told to, so did the troupe.

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Hopefully, he’ll get back his eyes very soon. It's reported that family members were made to face one another and stabbed multiple times, with their heads severed while they were still alive. Chrollo discovered that many members of the troupe would die if they stayed in yorknew city.

However, He’s Continuously Threatening Barbies To Get His Eyes Back.

So chrollo had the kurta clan killed in vengeance hoping one of them was the killer when none of them was the one he was looking for. But no one knows what really happened that night or why they did it. Shalnark was killed by hisoka, a hunter and former member of the troupe.

As The Troupe Tracked Down Kurapika, They Discovered Gon And Killua Following Them And Captured Them.

We don't have enough history about kurta clan to know if there was another hero for the clan. We know that during attack, phantom troupe tortured kurtas so their eyes would turn red before death. The phantom troupe is an elite group of nen users who can take on any other high level fighters.

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So Lets Just Say That Yes The Phantom Troupe Is That Powerful And The Reason Why Kurapika Even Made A Dent Is Very Specific To Him Personally And Not At All A Representation Of The Clan As A Whole.

At first, the troupe was only after the treasure that the kurta clan was protecting. There's like almost no chance of the phantom troupe being evil. sure, they killed kurapika's clan. The kurta clan as a whole did not have the same vengeance against the troupe as kurapika, because you know they all just got straight up killed.

During The Journey Against Ants Did Kurapika’s Eyes Get Taken?

Events like the kurta being wiped out are tame in hxh and it's just some spoon fed backstory to make the troupe seem especially bad when all they did so far in the current timeline was rob killers, kill in self defense(lol), question some suspicious runts who always turn up following them.and did some charity work and saved millions of lives. They didn't kill them because of a whim, they killed them to obtain their rare and valuable scarlet eyes. While he was away, all the other members of the kurta clan were massacred by the phantom troupe and their eyes were gouged out and traded.

Several Years Prior To The 287Th Hunter Exam, The Phantom Troupe Approached The Kurta Clan For Their Valuable Scarlet Eyes And Massacred All 128 Villagers.

It's the one event in the series that allows me to seriously consider that the troupe is composed of maliciously minded people. This invasion explains why the phantom troupe would have been hired to kill the kurta clan in the first place. Every single one of them has been cold to the bone, and every single one of them has left a lasting impression in the fans'.

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