Thresher D2 Max Sockets

Thresher D2 Max Sockets. All the socket quests are identical. You want polearms with 4 sockets.

The Untwinked Level 99 Progress Thread, Revenge of the from

Nightmare difficulty has a maximum of 4 sockets on items.; 10 to 21 (ø 15.5) 28 25 25 19 2: For 6 socket item you have equal chance of getting any number of sockets.

While These Can Be Useful On Items To Give Them Additional Damage Or Utility The Primary Use Of Sockets In Diablo 2 Is To Create Runewords By Placing Runes In The Correct Order Into An Item That Has The Exact Number Of.

Add sockets to a body armor 1 x normal/ ethereal body armor ( mage plate) + 1 x tal rune + 1 x thul rune + 1 x perfect topaz = mage plate this recipe can be used to randomly add sockets to a normal/ ethereal unsocketed body armor, capped to the maximum sockets the body armor can. Socketed helm of same type. Just about the same damage ranges, but the requirements are much lower, which means my merc can equip it earlier.

Sooo Long Story Short, I Had A Thresher, Wanted To Make It Insight, Gave It To Larzuk And He Put 5 Sockets In It.

In diablo ii polearms are unpopular due to their relatively low damage and slow swing speed. Normal difficulty has a maximum of 3 sockets on items.; Pole arms can be unwieldy and so are always held in two hands.

This Means That You Have 1/6 Chance Of Getting One Socket, 1/6 Chance For 2 Sockets, 1/6 Chance For Three Sockets And 3/6 Chance Of Getting 4 Sockets With The Horadric Cube Wapon Socket Recipe.

They will all add 5 sockets. They require a great deal of strength as well. Cheapest d2 items for sale.

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For Magical Items Without Sockets, Using Them In The Socket Quest Reward Will Add 1 Or 2 Sockets, Selected Randomly.

There is a recipe for magical weapons. All the socket quests are identical. Unless for some reason you want max sockets then go with larzuk.

The Chance To Get X Sockets In Most Armor Is 1/4 (I.e:

However, the number of sockets is then restricted by the maximum number of sockets that base item with that ilvl can have. Mage plate has a max of 3 sockets, so it has a 2/4 [1/2] chance to get 3 sockets). The chance to get x sockets in most armor is 1/4 (i.e: