Phantom Troupe Vs Kurapika

Phantom Troupe Vs Kurapika. As soon as we finished watching hxh for the first time we really wanted to make an amv for this song. Phantom troupe vs kurapika and friends chapter 2, a hunter x hunter fanfic | fanfiction.

IHHASD Men's Phantom Troupe Chrollo Lucilfer
IHHASD Men's Phantom Troupe Chrollo Lucilfer from

He was the number before he got replaced by hisoka. Kurapika (hxh) vs deku/izuku midoriya (mha) round one: They have all their standard equipment and abilities.

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Im wondering if kurapika is able to kill every single troup member in a 1v1 fight? Kurapika in character without his abilities against pharom troupe members vs deku in character with his strength against muscular. The phantom troupe decide to confront the mafia, in the hope of luring out the shadow beasts to question them about the auction items.

Kurapika 1V1 Fight With Every Phantom Troupe Member.

Hello everyonefor the first time i wanted to try to do this video a premier one just to try it out and i hope you enjoy!credits 1st video: Hisoka also didn't really acted for the will of the spider: Hired to negotiate with a nen exorcist to remove kurapika's judgment chain from chrollo’s heart.;

Kurapika (Hxh) Vs Deku/Izuku Midoriya (Mha) Round One:

Yes, his eyes are stolen by omokage, who was a former member of phantom troupe. (im talking about anime version of troupe and kurapika, i haven't read manga yet) chrollo vs kurapika. Killua, gon, kurapika and leorio were following the spiders with zetsu but the spiders already knew that they were being followed so they stopped.

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Phantom Troupe Wins And The Spider Lives On!

Let's assume that they are fighting on heaven's arena rules, to the death. Killua wanting to protect his brother intervenes and the two end up fighting. Believing that the phantom troupe has stolen them, the mafia organizations in yorknew city give chase, and kurapika is instructed to join in.

Akatsuki Are Being Treated As Phantom Troupe Members, Meaning Kurapika Is At His Strongest And Has No Restrictions

They put him in a chair and did the same. Phantom troupe vs kurapika and friends chapter 1, a hunter x hunter fanfic | fanfiction. His chains only work on 1 person at a time so.