Nose Piercing Guide

Nose Piercing Guide. The piercing carries a long and illustrious history and can add a bold flourish to any face. This varies for everyone, but it will likely be several months.

Nose Piercings Ultimate Guide With Images
Nose Piercings Ultimate Guide With Images from

The average healing time for a nostril nose piercing is 2 to 4 months and it’s 3 to 4 months for a pierced septum. Based on the average healing time, you should only consider a piercing if it has enough time to heal before your soccer season begins. This varies for everyone, but it will likely be several months.

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Piercings are a trendy way to show off your personality and your sense of style. You should do this consistently until your piercing is completely healed. Healing times for the piercing hole vary depending on your piercing type, jewellery and location:

A Nose Piercing Is Just Like Any Wound And Extra Prone To Infection Because Of Its Location, So Never Touch It With Unwashed Hands.

It may be a bit painful. Try to avoid touching or moving the piercing, especially in the first few days. Normally a nostril piercing is between an 18 gauge and a 20 gauge.

According To Information, In The Us, 19% Of Pierced Women And 15% Of Pierced Men Have A Nose Piercing.

The standard size for a nose piercing is 18g or 20g, however, your piercer will pierce with a larger needle (up to 16g) to allow for better healing. Nose jewelry ranges from studs to screws to rings. An unusual placement for nostril piercing is at the high part of the nostrils.

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There Are Other Factors That Can Affect The Level Of Pain Received:

You can choose to have the right or left side pierced. Make sure that your starter jewelry is large enough to accommodate swelling and light enough that it doesn't pull at your new piercing. It will require nose jewelry that is less than 20 grams.

This Varies For Everyone, But It Will Likely Be Several Months.

It is the third most common type of piercing after earlobe and tongue piercing. Similar to a standard nostril piercing, the high nostril piercing occurs directly above the nostril piercing. However, the exact healing time depends on the type of piercing.