Kurapika Phantom Troupe

Kurapika Phantom Troupe. Is the only surviving member of the kurta clan, a group of individuals hunted down and murdered by a gang known as the phantom troupe to acquire the clan’s scarlet eyes, which are prized for their beauty. Secondly, is kurapika stronger than gon?

Kurapika Phantom troupe Hunter x Hunter Hunter anime
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The phantom troupe (in japanese: Kurapika is the last living member of the kurta clan. Kurapika is one of the protagonists of the manga hunter × hunter, written by yoshihiro togashi.

Star Dust (Phantom Troupe X Oc) By Creepypastacat721 62.2K 1.6K 21 The Troupe Found A Girl When A Meteor Hit The Ground, The Girl Seemed To Come Out Of The Meteor.

Yes, his eyes are stolen by omokage, who was a former member of phantom troupe. Kurapika is a member of the kurta tribe who were massacred by the phantom troupe (the spiders) 4 years prior the hunter exam. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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The Phantom Troupe (In Japanese:

幻影旅団, genei ryodan) is a world famous gang of thieves and a criminal organization in the anime/manga series hunter x hunter. Kurapika replied we should head back before they will know where we are killua suggested i agree with him, i don't want to die yet leorio said nervously. Secondly, is kurapika stronger than gon?

Believing That The Phantom Troupe Has Stolen Them, The Mafia Organizations In Yorknew City Give Chase, And Kurapika Is Instructed To Join In.

Since kalluto is now in the phantom troupe what will happen if he is killed by kurapika? Kurapika is the last living member of the kurta clan. Look what you made m.

The Kurta Tribe Was An Isolated Group Of People Whose Eyes Would Turn Scarlet When Angered Or Excited.

He is voiced by yuki kaida in the japanese version of the 1999 anime. In other words, it's not currently a major goal for him to kill them. Kurapika, on the other hand, managed to flee and vowed to exact vengeance on the phantom troupe.

When Hisoka Crosses Kurapika And Betrays Him To Chrollo Lucifer, The Leader Of The Murderous Band Of Thieves Known As The Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Proposes That Simply Killing Kurapika As Revenge For Their Fallen Comrade Is Too Easy, And Suggests They Play A Game Instead.

Her ability allows her to read her opponent's mind. Leorio tends to kurapika's wounds, and then sends for both gon freecss and killua zoldyck to help retrieve kurapika's eyeballs. Also how would this affect his relationship with killua?

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