Griswold's Heart Sockets

Griswold's Heart Sockets. Full sets, gear packages, griswold's legacy, set items. Griswold's heart ornate plate defense:

GRISWOLD Vintage Cast Iron Waffle Maker Heart & Star No from

I finally got myself the griswolds heart. Griswold’s redemption (weapon) 4 sockets. Make sure he is max res (any above max if so happen to be an option would be very nice), dr% is nice aswell (though not always necessary, high phys damage usually in melee range, so for example guardian angel is not a bad option (not best) if you can make use of the additional all res (socket angel/socket tal helm for example), also gives fhr.

Make Sure He Is Max Res (Any Above Max If So Happen To Be An Option Would Be Very Nice), Dr% Is Nice Aswell (Though Not Always Necessary, High Phys Damage Usually In Melee Range, So For Example Guardian Angel Is Not A Bad Option (Not Best) If You Can Make Use Of The Additional All Res (Socket Angel/Socket Tal Helm For Example), Also Gives Fhr.

Calvin trillin june 16, 2006. Full sets, gear packages, griswold's legacy, set items. I used 3 perfect diamonds on a griswold’s heart only for it not to register the resist all, so i figured it was because i respec’d and had the armor on before hand so i used a hel rune to remove the diamonds and tried again, it still does not register.

Now, What Should I Put In It?

Not griswolds, but you can make him armor with resists like smoke, lionheart, duress. Duriels shell gives str, life, resists, and cannot be frozen + you could socket it. There are unique jewels called facets, one for each element (poison included here).

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What Should I Put Into My Griswold's Heart's Sockets?

Add to cart $ 1.95 $ 0.75. This set is designed for the paladin, however any class can wear the items in this set, except for griswold's honor. With a druid, necro or sorceress:

Heart (Armor) 3 Sockets.

I finally got myself the griswolds heart. If it rolls two sockets i would make a smoke in it. It is one of the four pieces of the griswold's legacy item set.

Griswold's Heart Diamond Socket Bug.

My barbarians merc can go in basically naked and not die due to bo and shout. Griswold's heart is set ornate plate in diablo ii: It is clean and has 3 free sockets.