Ford Spark Plug Socket Size

Ford Spark Plug Socket Size. Read up on it first so you know what you are looking for and what to do to help pull those bad. I had to special order them from advance auto parts.

Spark Plugs Eject From Aluminum Heads of Triton Engine from

What size socket do i need to remove spark plugs? I presume it was too big? In a socket, extensions are part of the infrastructure.

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As for what is the size of a spark plug socket, there is no standard universal size. You will probably need a 10mm tube which is like the 'middle' size. Engines with three valves designed for the triton iv engine size.

Get One Of These For Spark Plug Replacement:

By weejoe, september 29, 2009 in ford focus club. Soft rubber insert holds and protects spark plug during removal and installation.extension is part of the socket. I hate the way spark plug sizes go, here is something that may help though.

Read Up On It First So You Know What You Are Looking For And What To Do To Help Pull Those Bad.

The sp509's on my 2008 expedition (with brown cops) were a bit rusty but came out with a 9/16 socket. You might want to pick up a 5/8 deep spark plug socket. Sockets of 18mm size are also available even though they are not as common as the other two spark plug sockets.

People Often Mistake To Consider The Most Common Sizes I.e., 13/16″ And 5/8″ As.

Do a search for the spark plug problem, you could use the old plugs you pull out if they are not causing a problem, you just want to anti seize them so they don't cause you a problem down the line. I presume it was too big? Second is a comparison of a 10mm socket & a 15mm & 17mm socket with the spark plug socket in the middle.

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I Am In The Process Of Buying Some New Tools And I Want To Make Sure That I Get The Right Size Padded Socket For Spark Plugs.

And a two piece design. Having a soft rubber insert helps protect and h
old your spark plug during the removal and installation process. There are a lot of options out there, but in general, you need 14,16,18,21 mm sockets with both 12 and 6 point configuration.