Ford Focus Oil Filter Socket Size

Ford Focus Oil Filter Socket Size. Watch for shiny specks in the draining oil. Oil pump chain tensioner bolts:

2007 Ford Focus 1.6 Petrol Zetec in Rotherham, South from

The standard size drain plug is 15mm or 17mm. 74mm 14 flute from advance. 62 lb in, 133 lb in, 41 lb ft, 90 deg, 90 deg:

Extensions Were Either Too Short Or Too Long And Once You Put The Rachet Lever On There I Also Found There Was Little Room To Move That , So Definitely Check You Get At It Well With The Tools You Have Before You Drain The.

I looked at the past invoices where i had a dealer do it, and they charged for 5 qts, but i don't know if they used 5 qts. Oil pump chain tensioner bolts: Details about27 mm oil filter wrench psa dw engines ford duratorq tdci (dw12c) diesel engines.

Loosen The Oil Pan Drain Plug With A 13 Mm Socket Wrench Until It Comes Off And Oil Is Draining Out Of The Oil Pan.

Get your oil pan and a 15mm socket or box wrench and open up the drain plug. Ford focus 2012, 7 mm to 17 mm oil drain plug socket set by oem tools®. The 63600 wrench tops out at 3.125, and the 63250 wrench begins at 3.125, so i think the 63250 wrench is the right one, but i may get both to be sure.

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Allow For At Least 10 Minutes Or So For The Oil To Properly Drain.

You mean the oil drain plug is a different size? Around $6.00 and made of metal. Watch for shiny specks in the draining oil.

I Used A 13 Mm Socket On The Plug, But It Didn't Seem Like It Wanted To Go On There All The Way, Until I Banged It On A With A Rubber Mallet.

Wrench size for oil drain plug 2002 ford focus zetek the wrench size of the oil pain drain plug on my ford focus 2002 station wagon is 17mm. Hey guys here showing you how to perform an oil change on the 3rd gen. 62 lb in, 133 lb in, 41 lb ft, 90 deg, 90 deg:

It's More Of Switching From One Oil To A Different One, Meaning Brand.

Auto zone has copper gaskets (and others) in packets of three 2) don't 5/16 and 8mm (useful for battery terminals) 7/16 and 11mm (most domestic steering shaft bolts, driveshaft yoke bolts) 1/2 and 13mm. By slowfuze » thu feb 03, 2011 5:01 pm.