Ferret Scarf

Ferret Scarf. Teddy ferret in a winter scarf, realistic cute stuffed forest animal cub, polecat puppy, handcrafted movable toy, author's work. (i got carried away.) the yarn i used was bernat's soft boucle, but you could use and yarn that looks like a f…

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The bonding scarf is a great way to share your day with your pets, be it. It has a 60in long tail which acts as a scarf. Please get in touch for details.

Get The Pattern By The Cheerful Chameleon Here.

I designed this myself and didn't write much of my process down. May 2, 2009 · filed under uncategorized, vintage clothes · tagged fur mongoose ferret wiesel scarf. Baby ferrets poking out of pink box in studio mam 15 xa0005 01 mam 15 je0003 01.

The Pdf Contains Only The Chart.

Posted by michele at 3:23 pm 2 comments: Basically a ferret with a scarf. Find derivations skins created based on this one.

Total Length Is About 80 Inches Long.

Stitchedupmomma 5 out of 5. Well i have an uncanny addiction on ferrets and scarfs so i. Please get in touch for details.

Great Quality [See Photos For Additional Information]

While wearing the bonding scarf your pets will have the safety and security of knowing their close to mom or dad but still have the freedom to burrow, tunnel, or just take a long nap. Scarf is 60in long material: It comes with a chain, which makes it easy to hang.

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It Has A 60In Long Tail Which Acts As A Scarf.

Click here to see the auction. The bonding scarf allows you to share quality time with your furry friends, while at the same time freeing your hands for other things. Almost equal very similar quite similar.