D2 Flail Max Sockets

D2 Flail Max Sockets. Mace speeds are listed by class: The item type (a buckler will never have more than 1 socket) the rarity of an item (normal, magic, rare, set or unique) the item lvl (ilvl) of the item (the higher ilvl gives a greater maximum number of sockets)

Runewords Path of Diablo Wiki from pathofdiablo.com

Over the last few days i've probably have found 4+ 4os flails. If you find, say a white gmb with +3 bow skills, do not take it to larzuk and blow a socket q on it. That is, the ilvl determines how many max sockets that item can spawn with.

In The Expansion, The Following Weapon Rune Words Function In Nonmagic Maces (But Not Necessarily Clubs, Hammers, Or Scepters) With Exactly The Specified Number Of Sockets:

This limitation only applies to sockets that are spawn naturally, not ones which are added through the cube recipe or socket quest. Be careful when searching for specific ilvl item that it falls in the correct level range. The church of zakarum is rumored to have created scepters of incredible power to be wielded by those that devoutly follow the ways of light and virtue.

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Larzuk Will Give Max Sockets To The Bow, Which Is 5 Sockets And That Would Ruin The Bow.

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Cows Are Mlvl 28 So Such Flails Should Be Fine.

Try to cube socket it. I suggest you pay some visits to the cow level in normal. [d2 resurrected] #8 ral rune.

Flail Normal Base Item 1H Damage:

According to the sockets page on the wiki, an ilvl 41+ flail will get 5 sockets. Something like nm cows that you can destroy on players7 is a good bet. All mace classes give a bonus of +50% damage to undead.

In Late Nightmare And On, 5 Sockets Should Be Entirely Possible.

The item level of your flail is too low to roll 4os. So the cube recipe has a 50% chance at 4 sockets and a socket quest a 100% chance. Mage plate has a max of 3 sockets, so it has a 2/4 [1/2] chance to get 3 sockets).