Can Phantom Troupe Kill Meruem

Can Phantom Troupe Kill Meruem. Kalluto and canary can match some of the weaker members, maybe even amane and illumi's needle man. A butler like gotoh can beat half of troupe's member individually, tsubone doesn't seem to be weaker than gotoh.

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While he's probably a good test against the troupe, hisoka probably shouldn't be on kurapika's hit list. No phantom troupe member has a chance of killing meruem. Unless the phantom troupe could come up with a hax strategy similar to knuckle + meleoron combo i can't see them winning against pre rose king.

Pre Rose Meruem Could Probably Do It Too, Just Not As Easily.

The phantom troupe around the time of the kurta clan massacre. Even if he somehow where able to create a mini sun, it would pale in comparation with the nuke meruem survived. Heck the only reason that meruem beat netero was because he found a minuscule tiny pattern in his attacks that he managed to exploit, if it weren't for that pattern meruem would be defeated despite being much stronger than netero.

Kalluto And Canary Can Match Some Of The Weaker Members, Maybe Even Amane And Illumi's Needle Man.

I don't think even all of the phantom troupe's ultimate attacks combined would do as much damage as zero hand. For most members of the phantom troupe, meteor city was their birth place and home. Don freecs is one character who can be ascribed such a power level.

They Killed Slews Of Guards And Nen Users All At Once Pretty Easily.

Hxh definitely has an emphasis on strategical technical fights, but no strategy in the world could kill meruem if the. He leads an infamous band of criminals known as the phantom troupe. Those wishing to join the group can do so by killing a current member, thereby replacing them.

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I Am Wondering If Anyone From The Troupe Is Fast Enough To Overcome The Immense Speed Of Netero's Prayers.

Without hisoka, assuming chrollo fights silva, pt must gang up on at least 1 of illumi and zeno, maybe both. However, not only is hisoka no longer a member of the troupe (if he ever was), he also contains abilities to not only quickly take out some of its key members without any assistance but also compete with the likes of their leader. Phantom troupe (including hisoka and uvo) both parties are out to kill the other.

And Even If They Did Find A Combo It Would Still Be Tough.

No phantom troupe member has a chance of killing meruem. Even if they didn't especially want to kill them, they are not humans and there isn't really a reason (from. It's not strong enough to kill meruem, pain packer takes time to kill, meruem has plenty of time to escape from it or to kill feitan.