14Mm Long Reach Spark Plug Socket

14Mm Long Reach Spark Plug Socket. All three lengths are 5/8″ spark plug. Extremely useful for modern engines where the plugs can be set deep in the cylinder head and access can be difficult.

Sealey AK1621 Long Reach Double End Spark Plug Socket 16 from www.ebay.com

There are currently two thread reaches (lengths) used: Socket end has rubber insert for spark plug insulator protection. All three lengths are 5/8″ spark plug.

My Local Sca (Goulburn Nsw) Is Yet To Stock 14Mm Long Reach (Deep) Spark Plug Sockets So This Was The Next Best Thing.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium with knurled end. Laser 6659 long spark plug socket 3/8d 14mm. Used with 21mm spark plug socket.

The Laser 4376 14Mm 3/8 Drive Thin Wall Spark Plug Socket Has Been Especially Designed To Be Used On Most Citroen Vehicles As Well As Vehicles With Bosch Spark Plugs, Such As The Bmw E90335I N54 Engine.

4.4 out of 5 stars. Features magnetic insert for easy and safe retrieval of spark plugs. There are currently two thread reaches (lengths) used:

Bmw, Citroën, Mini, Peugeot, Renault, Mercedes.

Have a look , 14mm long reach spark plug socket, or 14mm long reach socket needed. Spark plug long reach socket set. Sealey ak1621 long reach double end spark plug socket 16 and 21mm » free delivery on orders over £30 (excluding vat, uk mainland only)

1/2 Inch And 3/4 Inch.

Reach, projected insulator, resistor, ford, set of 6. This long reach swivel spark plug set includes 4″, 6″, and 11″ lengths with magnetic cores on each size. Easily remove and install spark plugs, keeping them securely held by the magnetic socket.

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Never Use A Spark Plug Of The Wrong Reach.

The voices in my head may not be real, but they. Stock resistor replacement spark plugs for s&s engines. Heat range is correct for all s&s engines.